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Helping You Protect Your Property for over 45 Years

Add Privacy and Security to Your Properties with Fences in Barrie & Simcoe County

A fence can be a valuable asset to any property, whether commercial, agricultural or residential. Not only are fences a practical addition to help protect your property and keep unwanted intruders at bay, they can also be an aesthetic addition to bring beauty to your property. Simcoe Fencing has been providing fences in Barrie and all of Simcoe County for many years. Our fences are beneficial to customers from all backgrounds, including:


Protect your industrial and commercial property as well as any equipment from vandals and other intruders.


Keep your crops and livestock secure with our agricultural fencing.


Add a beautiful fence to your property to provide privacy and decoration.

Our Expert Installers

Our professional team has the expertise to plan and install your new fence to the industry’s highest standards. With the cold Ontario winters, fences must be properly anchored with concrete in order to prevent shifting as the ground freezes and thaws. Our team will do this as well as ensure the fence posts are anchored deep enough that cracking will not be an issue during the cold months.

Features of a Solid Fence Design

A fence is a large investment. You want to be sure it is designed to be functional and meet your requirements. Here are some things to consider about the design and layout of your fence when planning your project:

Climb Resistant
If the main goal of your fence is to keep intruders out, you want to be sure the fence cannot easily be climbed. Don’t forget about those intruders who may attempt to get under the fence. Be sure to work with your contractor to design a fence that can’t easily be breached.

Allows for Proper Surveillance
Poorly designed fences may provide places for intruders to hide or sneak onto the property unnoticed. With proper fence design, you can construct a fence that does not allow thieves easy access to your property.

Since fences are such a big investment, you want to be sure you choose a building material that will last for years to come. Work with your contractor to find the most durable material that fits within your budget.

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At Simcoe Fence, we understand the importance of your property and we want to help you protect it. Give us a call today to get started on your fencing project by receiving a free quote.

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