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Installing a new fence at your commercial property is a big investment, but you’ll find that the advantages greatly outweigh the costs. As a business owner, constructing a fence at your property will give you the ability to add security, control access to your property and increase privacy if you are located in a busy, bustling city area. Not to mention that fences can be a beautiful addition to any property. 

At Simcoe Fence Company, our expert team will help you determine the main goals of your new fence and find a system that both meet your needs and stays within your budget. We have worked with customers from small businesses, large corporations and government agencies, and have long-term business relationships with several towns, cities, municipalities and school boards. Our most popular commercial fencing projects include:

  • Security fencing

  • Chain link fencing complete with barbed wire or razor ribbon

  • Handrails 

  • Acoustic cedar fencing

  • Commercial grade ornamental iron fencing

  • Tennis court/pickleball fencing

  • Baseball diamond and backstop fencing

  • Sports field fencing

  • Park fencing 

  • Dog park fencing

  • School fencing

One of the main reasons why you need commercial fencing in your property in Barrie is that you can have access control. If you own a huge organization where different parts of the property are dedicated to different units of business, having a commercial fence can help in defining these areas. It will also control access and prevent unauthorized people from entering.

If you are looking for professional companies to put up a commercial fence for your Barrie property, choose Simcoe Fence Company for high-quality fencing services. Our committed staff provides you with excellent services from installation to repair work.


We also provide fencing services for agricultural lands and even for residential properties. Securing your property in the most efficient way is what we believe in. Trust us for safe fencing options.


Start your commercial fencing project in Barrie today by getting a free quote from Simcoe Fence Company. Get in contact with us by phone or email. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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