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Your Trusted Farm Fencing Services in Barrie and South-Central Ontario

Fencing plays an important role in any agricultural setting. As a farmer, you rely on fencing to keep your livestock in pasture and secure. Irrespective of the size of your farm, be it a small plot or running into many acres of land, fencing helps in securing your farm. Simcoe Fence Company offers professional and high-quality farm fencing in Barrie. Contact us today for an estimate.

Benefits of Installing a Fence in Your Farm

Mark the boundary of your farm by fencing it the right way. There are several benefits of farm fencing. It includes:

  • Fencing helps in safeguarding your property. It will prevent your neighboring property owner from encroaching upon your space.
  • If you are raising livestock, having a farm gate along with the fence will be handy. Animals will not wander off from your farm and can move through this easily.
  • Fencing prevents trespassers. It becomes difficult for intruders to enter your space when it is properly fenced.
  • If you are growing different crops on your farm, fencing helps in organizing it properly.

Apart from farm fencing in Barrie, we also provide fencing for commercial and industrial as well as residential properties. Rely on Simcoe Fence for quality fencing services. Increase the privacy of your field or protect your farm by getting a durable fence from Simcoe Fence Company.


Why Are Farmers Increasingly Choosing Wire Farm Fencing?

Every farmer wants to protect the property and livestock, and there is nothing better than quality wire farm fencing. Of all the types of farm fencing that you see, those that are made of steel wires are favored by most farmers. That's because these kinds of fences are not just tough and durable but also easier to manage and quite economical too. However, there are different types of steel wire fencing for different applications and so you must pick the right kind of wire fencing to get the maximum benefit from your investment.


Types of Farm Fencing

If you are looking to purchase the best farm fence for your unique property but are unsure about which type of farm fencing to choose, we can help. There are quite a few types of fencing designed for a number of different applications:


Field fencing: It is extremely difficult to contain horses, cattle and poultry as they can escape by jumping or digging under many types of fences. In this case, field fence is the most appropriate and strongest option as it is made of galvanized steel wires that are woven either by fixed knots or hinge knots that offer varying levels of strength.


Barbed wire fencing: Highly effective in restraining timid animals like cattle, sheep or goats, barbed wire fences create a sense of aversion. Galvanized steel wires with pointed barbs are woven approximately a feet apart in a barbed wire fencing system. The animals maintain distance from such a fence as they are aware of the painful pricks from these wires.


High tensile wire fencing: These wires usually have a higher carbon content and offer much more strength because they allow much lower elongation. As high tensile wire fencing is easier to handle and can endure sustained pressure, it allows you to have fewer posts, as wider spacing is possible.



Whatever be the nature of challenges in fencing your farm effectively, Simcoe Fence Company has the necessary skills and resources to find the best solution for you. The reasons to choose the fences offered by us include:

  • At Simcoe Fence Company, we have over 50 years of experience in installing fences and can put our expertise to work constructing farm fencing, wildlife fencing and rail fencing for horses on your agricultural property.
  • We have a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable companies serving farmers in Simcoe and neighbouring areas.
  • Farm fencing requires certain professional knowledge in order to be installed properly.
  • Our team ensures the posts are placed deep enough, spaced correctly and are effective at keeping livestock in.
  • The long experience of proven high-quality farm fence installations indicates that you can trust us for all the fencing requirements of your farm.
  • With our services, you can rest assured that you will receive reliable and high-quality work



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Protect Your Land and Livestock

Whether you have a residential acreage or a commercial ranch, we supply and install the farm fencing system you need in Barrie.

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